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I, as well as other animators, know exactly how you feel about 1 minute of animation being a bajillion frames and having so many ideas that you want to animate it all right this second precisely how it is in your noggin! Incredible and hilarious work as usual Sir Harry!

Incredible work, I really dig your style and the way the music was a huge part of the animation! Good luck!

Fantastic work as usual, sir! Really love the overall tone and deep meaning of this animation and your style absolutely captures it. Good luck!

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Another awesome game!

I love your style and the games you create/collab with are always fun and addicting! MAKE MORE.

So addicting!

Its awesome! Its addicting and it makes you come back for more (medals & fun gameplay). Also, the art is great, the King is hilarious and when you stack 70+ cakes the Chef's face is priceless! I would love to see a toon with these characters too

So incredibly good!

The story, the painted artwork, the animation, the characters, even the humor! I also love Hansels goofy expression even when he dies, and how he runs! Cant wait for part 2!!

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I had an insanely sweet time building my animation around this tune, it's very badass! Awesome work!

Step responds:

Your animation was my favourite from all of the animations that used this song, and probably my favourite from all of the animations in the whole round. Really impressive, man, I'm honoured you used this track!

Thanks :3.


I love this! Very nice, you did grasp the creepiness! It kind of reminds me almost of a Tim Burton/Danny Elfmanesque tune...in the movie itself, or the DVD menu, or even the video game start screen....hope thats not an insult! :D Great job!

LoopDaLoop responds:

I have never heard of any of the two names you gave, i'll look into it right away.
Thanks for being the first one to let me know this is a good piece :D I'd like to hear it more tho.. Haha :p

Thanks for using this in your flash :)

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Widowmaker (with dat booty), Jasmine (wishful booty), Faye Valentine (lovely booty), and Zatanna (presto booty)

Warhead Red or Red Warhead. Awesome work, dude, dig your style!

HugoTendaz responds:

Thank you. Warhead sounds great and I would like her to be and stay redhead :) So I like it :)

This is incredible.

deathink responds:

Thanks JAB ;)

A cartoonist with sideburns.

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