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JABToons's News

Posted by JABToons - August 26th, 2018

I have a quick new animation out since I turned the big, dirty 30 this past Friday. It's as weird as the feeling being out of my 20s, so enjoy the nonsense.

I feel like this is an ongoing-esque type post for me, but I need to make more immediately. I miss submitting stuff to NewGrounds, instead I have been roaming the digitals halls watching and playing some stellar NG goodness. Though I have been working on my Jubilee/Gambit toonage - if you cheggout my demo reel you'll sneak a sweet, sweet peek at some of it. 

I also moved to Glendale. I shall slink back to my Cintiq now, bubs.


Posted by JABToons - August 23rd, 2017

Hey bubs!

Again, long time no post.

I have just launched my Patreon page, but definitely don't feel pressured to support.

I'll be submitting toons right here on NG, but if you want exclusive behind-the-nonsense shenanigans on future works and even personalized art, commentary on past and future toons and other stuff if you donate, then my Patreon is your jam!

Currently still working on my Gambit parody and an upcoming live-action project regarding my life as a cartoonist (in the same vibe as Louie and Con Man)

Be back soon.



Dancin Fool - Boss Boombox Dancin Day

Posted by JABToons - April 30th, 2016

New (oldish) toon that you, your friends, even that person over there can cheggout here: 

Nausia: A Parody for Pigs

Currently working on two new animations, with one that I'm probably going to fully focus on for the time being.

Hoping to let more work loose [animations, illustrations, videos, comics, website(?)], and seriously jolt my motivation.

It's been said way too often, I know.

I need a millionth chance. 

Anyway, here's a tiny, sneak peek thing of the toon I'm working on now:



Posted by JABToons - August 3rd, 2014

So this year I went to my first ever San Diego Comic Con, and it completely exceeded my already hyped expectations! I snagged a 4-Day Pass as a Professional and after the first night I was running purely on excitement and coffee. I didn't see many panels because I wanted to experience the Exhibit Floor, also I totally underestimated the lines like a fool and probably should've camped out. I had 4 goals in mind: get a Glorious Golden Bender exclusive, meet Felicia Day, meet Evangeline Lilly, and see the Game of Thrones panel. Game of Thrones was a bust, but I succeeded in the first 3, which made my trip! I'm already stoked for San Diego Comic Con 2015, and will definitely plan it out a lot better. I still had a stellar time walking around the floor, running into celebs, snagging cool stuff, and ,believe it or not, standing in line. 

Being there definitely fueled my motivation even more to come back home and animate. Besides another possible episode collabing with Ross Bollinger, I storyboarded a mini toon involving another favorite X-Men of mine, as well as a sequel to Wolverine @ Comic Con, especially after finally going to Comic Con. I'm currently working on getting one of these animations out soon, at the same time as finding a way to move to California. 



Posted by JABToons - October 13th, 2013

After an immense delay (over 3 months), and how I'd like to tie that into a "Wolverine has 3 claws in each hand so 3 months was the plan all along!", my latest toon is finally released!

Wolverine @ Comic-Con

Freelancing projects, snagging a new part-time casino gig, and a lack of motivation in between definitely fueled the delay of Wolverine @ Comic-Con, but they're no excuse! (especially being unmotivated) Pulling all nighters for the past week to finish this toon off definitely got me back in the animating zone, I'm seriously wanting to shorten my project deadlines to get more animations out!

Hope you dig it, gang!

New Toon, bubs!

Posted by JABToons - July 26th, 2013

It's been a while since I posted anything, just been busy with freelancing making some extra scratch on the side, but I'm finally back to animating ridiculous nonsense once more!

I'm pretty stoked for The Wolverine coming out tonight and gave me an idea for a small animation about my favorite super mutant. It's called "Wolvering @ Comic-Con" and will involve Wolverine dealing with some fans and the overall nerdy atmosphere. I tried to get my homeslice Hugh Jackman to do the voice, but he was busy with prior engagements. Also, he doesn't know who I am.

I'm hoping to get this sucker knocked out in the next week or two, but I'm definitely happy with how it's turning out so far!

Keep an eye out, bubs.

New Toon Comin Soon, Bubs

Posted by JABToons - May 30th, 2013

Check it out while I crash for 12 hours!:

The Swell Endeavor

Novice Round Toon Done

Posted by JABToons - April 25th, 2013

Every year I miss the NATA, but not this year, dammit!

Lots of hours put in for this insanely short toon, but it came out exactly how I wanted it to and I'm stoked to finally share it!

Boss Boombox Dancin' Day

NATA 2013 Submission

Posted by JABToons - August 1st, 2012

Finally dusted off the cobwebs on my animation motivation and cranked out a new toon!

Bale Toons: Date Night

I've been meaning to bust out more shorter animations, as my usual projects always end up being way too big that it takes me 9 years to finish or causing me to never finish due to lack of interest. My goal is to balance my illustration & animation work ethic, but I've definitely been jonesin' to whip together more toonage in the next coming months!

New Toon!

Posted by JABToons - July 14th, 2012

Hey gang,

Just finished up another illustration dedicated to The Wicker Man, this time experimenting with ol' watercolor! I really dig how it turned out, and even though it was a royal pain in the ass, I hope to crank out some more watercolor projects:

The Wicker Man

As for animations, I always dread coming back to Newgrounds because I see all these boss animations, and it makes me disappointed in myself that I have yet to dust off the cobwebs on my animating since I've been focusing on illustrations. Also, I'm a lazy doof, and should quit that.

P.S. If you haven't viewed the terribly hilarious glory that is The Wicker Man starring Mr. Nic Cage, you're missing out.