San Diego Comic Con 2014

2014-08-03 14:53:07 by JABToons

So this year I went to my first ever San Diego Comic Con, and it completely exceeded my already hyped expectations! I snagged a 4-Day Pass as a Professional and after the first night I was running purely on excitement and coffee. I didn't see many panels because I wanted to experience the Exhibit Floor, also I totally underestimated the lines like a fool and probably should've camped out. I had 4 goals in mind: get a Glorious Golden Bender exclusive, meet Felicia Day, meet Evangeline Lilly, and see the Game of Thrones panel. Game of Thrones was a bust, but I succeeded in the first 3, which made my trip! I'm already stoked for San Diego Comic Con 2015, and will definitely plan it out a lot better. I still had a stellar time walking around the floor, running into celebs, snagging cool stuff, and ,believe it or not, standing in line. 

Being there definitely fueled my motivation even more to come back home and animate. Besides another possible episode collabing with Ross Bollinger, I storyboarded a mini toon involving another favorite X-Men of mine, as well as a sequel to Wolverine @ Comic Con, especially after finally going to Comic Con. I'm currently working on getting one of these animations out soon, at the same time as finding a way to move to California. 




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