New Toon, bubs!

2013-10-13 12:02:37 by JABToons

After an immense delay (over 3 months), and how I'd like to tie that into a "Wolverine has 3 claws in each hand so 3 months was the plan all along!", my latest toon is finally released!

Wolverine @ Comic-Con

Freelancing projects, snagging a new part-time casino gig, and a lack of motivation in between definitely fueled the delay of Wolverine @ Comic-Con, but they're no excuse! (especially being unmotivated) Pulling all nighters for the past week to finish this toon off definitely got me back in the animating zone, I'm seriously wanting to shorten my project deadlines to get more animations out!

Hope you dig it, gang!

New Toon, bubs!


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2013-10-13 14:49:24

epic. i cant wait for this!

do more stuff like that!

JABToons responds:

Thanks man, glad to hear it! It's out today so make sure you check it out!


2013-10-14 10:08:03

This looks pretty cool man! Keep up the works!!!

JABToons responds:



2013-10-14 16:04:16

Looks great!

JABToons responds:



2013-10-19 17:14:48

it was AMAZING!!!!

JABToons responds: