New Toon!

2012-08-01 23:03:09 by JABToons

Finally dusted off the cobwebs on my animation motivation and cranked out a new toon!

Bale Toons: Date Night

I've been meaning to bust out more shorter animations, as my usual projects always end up being way too big that it takes me 9 years to finish or causing me to never finish due to lack of interest. My goal is to balance my illustration & animation work ethic, but I've definitely been jonesin' to whip together more toonage in the next coming months!

New Toon!


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2013-02-12 23:55:44

good to see another one from you, JABToons. I know that feeling, man. Sometimes I lurk NG for years before getting back to a new project

JABToons responds:

Thanks, man! It really is, and yeah I'll watch toons on here day in and day out and become inspired, but it still takes me a while to animate! I'm getting myself better motivated though, slowly but surely.