New Ill/Painting

2012-07-14 14:04:11 by JABToons

Hey gang,

Just finished up another illustration dedicated to The Wicker Man, this time experimenting with ol' watercolor! I really dig how it turned out, and even though it was a royal pain in the ass, I hope to crank out some more watercolor projects:

The Wicker Man

As for animations, I always dread coming back to Newgrounds because I see all these boss animations, and it makes me disappointed in myself that I have yet to dust off the cobwebs on my animating since I've been focusing on illustrations. Also, I'm a lazy doof, and should quit that.

P.S. If you haven't viewed the terribly hilarious glory that is The Wicker Man starring Mr. Nic Cage, you're missing out.


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2012-07-14 16:20:05

nice pose

JABToons responds:

Thanks, maaannn Classic Nic Cage pose