Completed Joe Murray's Animation Course!

2012-05-17 00:20:22 by JABToons

So, in January I was chosen, with 9 other inspiring artist/animators, to be inducted in an online Animation Master Class taught by none other than Joe Murray, creator of Rocko's Modern Life, and my all-time favorite animator and inspiration! You can understand how insanely honored I was that Joe liked my stuff enough to be part of his course, he even told me how much my final storyboard assignment made him laugh! Instant mind blown and black out.

Not only did I receive feedback from Joe through email, I also got weekly one-on-one rap sessions via Skype to discuss my assignments, goals, and just shoot the shit! It seriously is an experience I'll never forget, and it still blows my mind that I was a part of it.

I even asked for a doodle of Filburt saying "Oh Fish Sticks!" and he obliged me no problem with a signed sketch! An incredible last minute bonus and definitely my next tattoo!

Follow the link below to check out my final storyboard for the class and more info about it:

Final Storyboard

Completed Joe Murray's Animation Course!


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