New Toon Comin Soon, Bubs

2013-07-26 12:08:15 by JABToons

It's been a while since I posted anything, just been busy with freelancing making some extra scratch on the side, but I'm finally back to animating ridiculous nonsense once more!

I'm pretty stoked for The Wolverine coming out tonight and gave me an idea for a small animation about my favorite super mutant. It's called "Wolvering @ Comic-Con" and will involve Wolverine dealing with some fans and the overall nerdy atmosphere. I tried to get my homeslice Hugh Jackman to do the voice, but he was busy with prior engagements. Also, he doesn't know who I am.

I'm hoping to get this sucker knocked out in the next week or two, but I'm definitely happy with how it's turning out so far!

Keep an eye out, bubs.

New Toon Comin Soon, Bubs


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2013-07-26 20:43:01

Very nice art! You look like a big fan of FlapJack. ;o

JABToons responds:

Thanks muchly! Oh yeah for sure, I'm a huge fan of Flapjack, it's definitely an inspiration!