Novice Round Toon Done

2013-05-30 09:18:21 by JABToons

Check it out while I crash for 12 hours!:

The Swell Endeavor

Novice Round Toon Done


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2013-05-30 11:49:18

Does the audio sounds really washed out in your original video or did that happen after it ran through processing on NG? Just want to be sure it's not a problem on your end - it seems really quiet and muffled compared to the original track and it takes away a lot from a great looking movie.

(Updated ) JABToons responds:

I forgot to change the audio settings to a better kbps before exporting my SWF, when I did it cleared up the sound, yet when I republished it to Newgrounds it's still muffled. Is there something I can change?


2013-05-30 15:30:41

there can only be one jab on the internet

JABToons responds:

With heart, faith, and Adobe Flash.