Blue Skies Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield Contest

2011-10-08 16:11:34 by JABToons

So I entered a contest for Jessica Lea Mayfield which involved taking her tune "Blue Skies Again" and creating a 5-15 second animated clip. If you win, you snag 500 bucks and get to animate her entire music video.

I probably should've added a link to it weeks ago for people to vote on it, but it doesn't really matter since she'll be picking the winner.

Check it out anyway, if you please, and dig it hopefully: ites/preview/abe227e59834e50107bf674c8 9bd4237/319

Blue Skies Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield Contest


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2011-11-22 12:20:30

Someone looks high O:


2011-12-11 19:49:53

So what does JAB mean?