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Sweet Freedom

2009-08-07 13:34:46 by JABToons

I'm finally done with my summer online classes at Kent State, so I'll be finishing off my latest toon called "Birthday Nightmare"

Coming Soon!

Back in Action!

2009-08-02 15:00:49 by JABToons

Hey there!

I'm actually not new to the Newgrounds scene, as I first came here a long time ago and browsed around and watched the wonderment of submissions. I then finally signed up for Newgrounds back in '04 under the name Mooninites05, and only submitted two cartoons.

The first was "Shapely Shapes", my first ever Flash animation (I used Paint and Adobe Livemotion before falling in love with Ms. Flash in 2003), and it was so good that it got voted off Newgrounds.

Ok, you got me. It was pretty crummy, but had some potential, I was still learning!

Then, I submitted "Potatoes" which I was surprised that it stayed on here this whole time (its buried somewhere if you search for it). I mean, I was getting somewhere with Flash, still had my animation-babyteeth, but I was getting somewhere!

I recently decided to scrap my screen name (though I still love AQTF and the Mooninites), and log on with my Newgrounds alias JABToons

The problem with me is that I rush alot of my toons, because I want to get done with them so I can show off my work and start something new (also because I get bored with it halfway through)

But, Ive been working on a couple things, alot of them done, I hope to submit them to Newgrounds soon!

For now, please take a peek at my recently completed project "The Tale of V.C. Wafflecone" (I'm still working on editing it back into a .SWF format)

The Tale of V.C. Wafflecone:

The Tale of V.C. Wafflecone