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So I entered a contest for Jessica Lea Mayfield which involved taking her tune "Blue Skies Again" and creating a 5-15 second animated clip. If you win, you snag 500 bucks and get to animate her entire music video.

I probably should've added a link to it weeks ago for people to vote on it, but it doesn't really matter since she'll be picking the winner.

Check it out anyway, if you please, and dig it hopefully:

http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinv ites/preview/abe227e59834e50107bf674c8 9bd4237/319

Blue Skies Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield Contest

NG 2012 Calendar?

2011-09-10 13:10:57 by JABToons

I might have missed the news post, but is there still going to be a Newgrounds Calendar 2012 contest??

NG 2012 Calendar?

Halloween Toonage

2010-10-30 12:47:43 by JABToons

Threw together a cartoon for NG Halloween 2010, finally got it finished even with basically having no free time at all to complete it. Working well into the morning (8am) today tweaking stuff helped. It was worth it but I probably should go crash before I use up the tiny bit of energy I have left...my rooms upstairs.

Check out my Halloween toon, In Sanity Castle


2010-09-16 00:48:52 by JABToons

I finally finished my NG 2011 Calendar Contest entry, so I'm finally going to try and whip some cartoons together, or finish the ones I've started.

I have two in production now, Unlucky Stan and Dr. Larry. US I've been trying to finish for a while, but once school started I kind of lost my focus. Plus, I wanted to work on my NG Calendar entry, and I'm glad I made it before the deadline, with some days to spare.

Dr. Larry I want to start as soon as possible. Need to kick-start myself into motivation mode. Itll happen. Eventually.

Right now I'm either going to watch some Futurama eps or go to bed. Both tempting.

The NEW Idiot Brothers

2010-07-19 21:17:22 by JABToons

Yea! New toon!

Like I said in the toon's description, The New Idiot Bros. is an update to one of my first cartoon and series from my days of using Paint and Adobe Livemotion, back in '03.

I wanted to make a new cartoon that really wouldnt take long (this took 2 days, not including days that I took a break and did squat), so I just threw this together and satisfied my toonin' bone for a little bit atleast.

Im still working on getting 'Dr. Larry,' a cartoon series Ive been trying to get off the ground for awhile, to be a reality so hopefully I can get a huge dent in it before school starts again.


**Screenshot of an early trailer (circa 2007) of 'Dr Larry', released never**

The NEW Idiot Brothers


2010-04-05 12:20:26 by JABToons

Finally kicked myself out of lazy mode (for 2 weeks at least) to create another toon. Its called Turn That Frown and you can watch it here

It was nice to shell out another short toon again, since usually when I make longer ones I lose interest for awhile and sometimes just scrap the idea altogether.

I have alot of ideas floating around, so Im hoping as the Spring semester is winding down (and finals dont eat me alive) I can bust out another toon before the Summer. Until then, back into lazy mode.



2010-03-23 01:28:04 by JABToons

I havent posted much of my computer art, but my newest one "Conan's Hair" Ive been working on for my school's (Kent State) art gallery and thought Id post it on NG...especially since I havent posted anything on here for a long time.

Im currently working on a new toon, "Turn That Frown," and still have to motivate myself to finish "Unlucky Stan" (which has been a WIP since last summer).

Time fo' bed.

"Oh, shit! Swamp leeches. Everybody, check for swamp leeches, and pull them off... Nobody else got hit? I'm the only one? What's the deal?"


Unlucky Stan

2009-09-20 15:18:07 by JABToons

I've started on my newest toon, Unlucky Stan, and trying really hard to get it done

Not far into it, trying to knock my imagination back into gear to get motivated (plus schools eating me alive)

For now, check out the Unlucky Stan 'Coming Soon' pics below!

Unlucky Stan

Return of the Fall

2009-08-31 01:18:05 by JABToons

School started, which also means stress is coming to play too

Im still working on my latest project, fine-tuning the voice recordings and hopefully will be able to start the animation soon.....in between homework, work, teaching myself different things (like becoming stronger at Photoshop, coding, and even various musical instruments) and playing uber amounts of The Beatles Rockband when it comes out next week :D

Ill keep you guys posted on the project as it nears the animation stage!

Chillin Like Bob Dylan

2009-08-13 16:04:31 by JABToons

Not really, Ive actually been keeping busy before the hell of school begins again! (2 weeks and counting)

Im working on my part of an upcoming OK Go collab (which is sweet because its my first collab and going along with a sweet azz band!)-----Right now my part is pending, being viewed by the collab organizer whether or not it still needs some work or if its ready

After that Ill be working on 2 new solo projects (probably at the same time), because Ive been jonesin to make new Flashes! ---the two year stress and laziness and then back to stress working on The Tale of V.C. Wafflecone has kept me tame with Flash---which you can view here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvTccWc B9s4

Below is a pic from my OK Go collab part


Chillin Like Bob Dylan