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JABToons's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 595 (From 131 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 9,525 Points

Reincarnation: LTETR

Fear for Fetus Unlocked 9/15/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Designated Driver Unlocked 9/15/10
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Fetch dog Fetch Unlocked 9/14/10
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Keeping Hell Whole Unlocked 9/15/10
25 Points
Send all three souls back to hell.
Playing the Blues Unlocked 9/15/10
25 Points
Upset Luke by not getting all three souls.
The Crops are Safe 25 Points Kill all 15 locust in the game.
The Grim Truth Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The Human Pinata Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The Last Dance Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The Mask We Wear Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/10 (75/150 points)

Relive Your Life

Dressing in Drag Unlocked 2/12/13
10 Points
Rambo is quite the prankster!
Extra! Extra! Unlocked 2/12/13
10 Points
Check out any of the external links
The Naked Mile Unlocked 2/12/13
10 Points
If I weren't legally obliged, I'd go nude too.
100 MPH Spank! 10 Points Whoops! I hope you like wrinkles!
30 Rock Date 10 Points TFey and ABee come 2 save the Dee!
Big Mouth 10 Points Because bragging gets you nowhere.
Blind Runner 10 Points Daredevil ain't got nothin' on you.
Daytime TV Trio! 10 Points Oprah, Ellen, and Maury!? You lucky sonovagun!
Dead Mutant Baby 10 Points Death snagged you so young!
Dreamin' with Morgan Freeman 10 Points Yogurt.
FYI YOU'RE A SPY 10 Points Backstabbing yourself, low blow man.
Hellfire Injection 10 Points Time paid life's bill.
Hide 'n Seek 10 Points He hid for two hours you selfish jerk!
HomeRun! 10 Points Obeezy likes basketball, whoda thunk it?
Human Appliance 10 Points Science is bad, M'kay?
I ain't sayin' you a golddigger. 10 Points But you ain't messing with no broke.. nibroke ;)
Love at First Fight 10 Points Your sister figures out love the hard way.
Mee-Yow! 10 Points A WILD CatFight ensues!
Meet Joe Black 10 Points This was hilarious to animate :)
Mutually Assured Destruction 10 Points Everything dies and it's all your fault.
My Hero. 10 Points No dead bunnies or kittens... for now.
Nice Save! 10 Points Obviously she's a keeper!
Puppy Love 10 Points Like OMG, Totes jelly.
Self Consumed Donut 10 Points Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin WHAT
Shoop Da Whoop! 10 Points Imma firin mah lazor!!!
Tails Never Fails 10 Points A classic for bidding!
The Amazing Quadrupede! 10 Points You're a flying transgender mutant! SUCCESS!!!!!
The Dr. Phil Tango 10 Points You pissed off Dr. Phil. Gj bro.
The Man Who Owns Time 10 Points "Dr. Who" They name you, "His life, so bizarre."
Ultimate Velocity Five! 10 Points You become Saint Awesome!
GODLIKE! 100 Points You shake hands with the Almighty himself!
Lives Worth Living! 100 Points You found all 29 different endings!

Medals Earned: 3/32 (30/500 points)

Roar Rampage

Angry Dino Unlocked 2/12/13
5 Points
Destroy 10 enemies without dying
Getting Started Unlocked 2/12/13
5 Points
Complete first level
War Machine Unlocked 2/12/13
10 Points
Destroy 50 enemies without dying
Weak Hit 5 Points Score a x1 at the punch machine
Game Complete 25 Points Complete the game
Total Destruction 50 Points Destroy 150 enemies without dying
Rampage 100 Points Destroy last boss without getting hit
Supporter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/8 (20/205 points)

Roto Rate

Bum Meteor Shot! Unlocked 9/6/11
5 Points
Shoot 100 bullets!
Epic Fail Unlocked 9/6/11
5 Points
Just die!
Just One Unlocked 9/6/11
5 Points
Destroy one meteor!
Shoot Shoot Shoot Unlocked 9/6/11
5 Points
Shoot 50 bullets
Collector Unlocked 9/6/11
10 Points
Collect 25 bullets at the same time
25 of them! 5 Points Destroy 25 meteors!
Wait Wave! 5 Points Reach Wave 5!
A winner is you! 10 Points Destroy 50 meteors!
Credited Easter Egg 10 Points Spot the Easter Egg!
Waaaaave 10 Points Reach Wave 10!
Indeed you are pro. 25 Points Reach wave 20!

Medals Earned: 5/11 (30/95 points)

Runes of Shalak

START OF AN ADVENTURE Unlocked 8/27/09
5 Points
Beaten the first level.
MY SAVIOUR Unlocked 8/27/09
10 Points
Saved Kate.
CLUMSY ADVENTURER 25 Points Killed by every type of hazard.
RUNE OF SHALAK 25 Points Found the first Rune of Shalak.
TRUE ARCHAEOLOGIST 50 Points Found the 8-bit world.

Medals Earned: 2/5 (15/115 points)

Sandwich VS Bagel

Die Unlocked 4/2/13
5 Points
Kill. 25 Points Kill the bagel king on normal mode.
Insane. 50 Points Kill the bagel king on insane mode.
Like a boss 50 Points Killed the bagel king without losing any health on normal mode.
Insanity 100 Points Killed the bagel king without losing any health on insane mode.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/230 points)

Santa Fu!

Sounds Good Unlocked 9/3/10
10 Points
Listen to all songs
Turbo Power 10 Points Beat Level 1
Elfinator 25 Points Kill 10 of each elf type
Oh Fudge 25 Points Beat Level 2
Yellow Snow 25 Points Beat Level 3
Nutcracker 50 Points Kill 100 enemies with punches to the nuts
Paindeer 50 Points Beat Level 4
Santa Fu Disciple 50 Points Beat any of the first four levels without losing any energy
Santa Fu Master 50 Points Beat the final level without losing any energy
Determined 100 Points Beat the game once with each of the 3 playable characters
King O' Christmas! 100 Points Beat Level 5

Medals Earned: 1/11 (10/495 points)

Scarlet Horizon

Town Builder Unlocked 9/19/10
5 Points
Create a Custom Level
Unlimited Level Unlocked 9/19/10
5 Points
Play Custom Level
Dictator 10 Points Unlock Gen. Arden
Enemy in the Sky 10 Points Reach Sky Fortress
Spy 10 Points Unlock 0013
Enemy in the Hell 25 Points Reach Underworld
Tyrant 25 Points Unlock Lord Harvesdale
Long Way Home Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/115 points)

Seed of Destruction

Infertility Unlocked 8/27/09
5 Points
Get a game over.
Master of Time and Space Unlocked 8/27/09
5 Points
Pause the game.
Backfire Unlocked 8/27/09
10 Points
Destroy an enemy by deflecting a projectile at it.
Tankicular Homicide Unlocked 8/27/09
10 Points
Squish a pedestrian by pushing tank over it.
Drunken Air Show 10 Points Play a custom game with only jets.
Mega Combo 10 Points Get a 20+ combo.
Hanging in There 25 Points Regenerate a total of 10 health bars over the game.
Looking for a Challenge 25 Points Survive 10 minutes in Custom Mode with all units set at maximum intensity.
Toast Master 25 Points Kill 10 enemies with the zeppelin's laser.
Ball Fondler 50 Points Get a score of 10,000 in Grenade Juggler.
Cavalier of Sperm 50 Points Beat story mode.
Evasivivity 50 Points Survive 5 minutes on Missile Crisis.
Pedestrian Devestation 50 Points Get a score of 100 in Pancake Factory.
Seed of Destruction 100 Points Beat story mode on hard.

Medals Earned: 4/14 (30/425 points)

Seven's Second Adventure

Not Cool Unlocked 5/15/10
5 Points
Spend less than 5 minutes on the instructions.
Can't Remember what Items you Have? Unlocked 5/15/10
10 Points
Press A to view your inventory
Look, We made a Game! Unlocked 5/15/10
10 Points
View Credits
You Read the Directions? Unlocked 5/15/10
10 Points
Press the M Key to Mute the Game
Awshum Unlocked 5/15/10
25 Points
Spend more than 5 minutes on the instructions
We're People Too Unlocked 5/15/10
25 Points
View all of the Bios
Channel Seven Weather Report 50 Points Find SevenSeize's Secret Movie
Plant Love 50 Points Find Magical-Zorse's Hidden Flash
Fetch 100 Points Find John Van Deusen's lost pick.

Medals Earned: 6/9 (85/285 points)